Welcome to the Metis Settlements Land Registry

Who we are

The Metis Settlements Land Registry is operated by the Government of Alberta as a service to the Metis Settlements.

Under several pieces of legislation, the Metis Settlements Land Registry keeps and administers land interests in the eight Settlements in Alberta, as well as maintains the official Settlement Members List for the Metis Settlements.

What we do

When a person obtains an interest in Metis Settlements land from a Metis Settlement Council or another Settlement member, they can have the interest recorded and registered with the Land Registry.

When a person is approved as a member in a Metis Settlement and the Settlement Council advises that they are authorized to be on the Settlement Members List, the Registrar with the Land Registry places their name on the List.

How we work

The structure and operation of the Metis Settlements Land Registry is similar to a provincial land titles system in western Canada. However, the types of land interests and transactions managed in the Land Registry are significantly different from other jurisdictions.

The rules and processes for membership in the Settlements is primarily governed by the Metis Settlements Act External Link.

Land searches or land survey requirements relating to Metis Settlement lands:

Email: MSLRLand.Reports@gov.ab.ca